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AMNICELL joins Biotech Week Boston in September

Boston, Sept 2019 – AMNICELL’s CEO Helen Ljungdahl Round and Chief Science Officer Dr Bruce K Young will join 4,500 life science leaders, scientists and innovators at Biotech Week Boston, September 9-12, 2019.

Biotech Week Boston is uniquely positioned to accelerate the development of biotechnology through an exchange of new ideas, science, technology and partnerships, all with the focus on driving a positive impact on health evolution and improving patient health. BioPharm America, taking place on September 11-12, focuses on highlighting innovations as well as promoting new business relationships by bringing companies across the life science ecosystem together to engage in drug development collaborations. Life science executives from around the world will gather to identify, meet and to enter into strategic relationships.

Biotech Week Boston provides an important opportunity to continue positioning AMNICELL as a leader in amniotic fluid stem cell therapy, and bringing the latest technology in regenerative medicine to overcome unmet medical needs and contribute to health wellness.

AMNICELL appoints Helen Ljungdahl Round as CEO

New York, USA Aug 27, 2019 – AMNICELL, a biotech company focusing on research and development of amniotic fluid stem cells, today announced that Helen Ljungdahl Round has been appointed as CEO, effective July 1, 2019.

AMNICELL is the first company to use advanced stem cell technology, amniotic fluid and pluripotent stem cells to improve lives, health and wellness. The company was formed following 10 years of research with amniotic fluid and stem cells. The amniotic fluid is a unique non-controversial abundant source of stem cells with regenerative properties. AMNICELL collects, stores and processes the amniotic fluid and the stem cells for use in areas of unmet medical need and commercial areas, such as hair and skin care,

Helen Ljungdahl Round is a highly accomplished executive with more than 25 years of experience in international business management, strategy, marketing and sales in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, across numerous therapeutic areas, product life cycles and geographic areas. Her wealth of professional and business experience includes positions as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Business Development for GN Hearing, and, before that, numerous executive leadership positions of increasing responsibility at Merck & Co, Inc, working in EU, Middle East/Africa, North America, Latin America and Asia. She is a strong commercial leader that has consistently built high performing organizations and delivered profitable and sustainable business results.

Dr Bruce K Young, Professor at NYU School of Medicine, Chairman of AMNICELL Board of Directors, commented: “I am very excited that we have been able to attract someone like Helen Ljungdahl Round as the CEO of AMNICELL. With her experience from the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, and leading highly successful global commercial organizations around the world, she is the perfect person to lead AMNICELL through the development of our unique technology and product portfolio, as well as delivering strong business results”.

Helen Ljungdahl Round said: “Regenerative medicine holds a lot of future potential, and AMNICELL is uniquely positioned with its advanced technology using amniotic fluid and pluripotent stem cells to contribute to this development. Our initial focus will be on areas of unmet medical need, but also other areas benefiting from the regenerative properties of amniotic fluid and stem cells. I am looking forward to continuing the science, developing our product portfolio, and more importantly bringing these transformative products to the market, enabling people access to novel biological solutions for their health and wellness”.


AMNICELL is the first company to use advanced stem cell technology, amniotic fluid and pluripotent stem cells to improve lives, health and wellness. The company is based on more than 10 years research with amniotic fluid and stem cells, and the primary focus on the development and commercialization of transformative therapeutics and innovative cosmeceuticals. AMNICELL is headquartered in New York City and is privately owned.

Global Experts Meeting on Frontiers in Cell & Stem Cell Research, in New York

New York, April 2019 – Dr. Bruce K Young presented as Key Note Speaker at the Global Experts Meeting on Frontiers in Cell & Stem Cell Research on the topic of ‘Clinical Potential of Human Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells’.  

He shared the results of a study designed to characterize full term amniotic fluid stem cells and compare them with previously described mid-trimester amniotic fluid stem cells. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells with the ability to self-replicate without differentiation. Mid-trimester amniotic fluid stem cells have been well-characterized as multipotent, but scant data exist for full term amniotic fluid. With the advent of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis, mid-trimester amniotic fluid will become less available from normal patients. In contrast, term amniotic fluid is available in large quantities from normal pregnancies and might be a resource for clinical transplantation.

The study confirmed that full term and mid-trimester amniotic fluid stem cells demonstrate similar characteristics. The full term amniotic fluid stem cells were indeed multipotent and they differentiated into multiple cell lineages. They also tolerate and remain unchanged during cryostorage. Previous studies on term fluid have demonstrated only mesenchymal cells that required induction to pluripotent stem cells to achieve differentiation to neural lineage. Induced pluripotent cells are genomically unstable and tumorigenic; amniotic stem cells are not. This study demonstrates for the first time that both ectodermal and mesenchymal differentiability are present in term amniotic fluid stem cells. Neural differentiation was achieved without the induction of pluripotency. Term amniotic fluid contains approximately 1 million cells per milliliter, which may represent a readily available, abundant, and noncontroversial source of stem cells with therapeutic potential.

AMNICELL is the first company to develop amniotic fluid and stem cells for treating non-healing wounds, as well as products for skin care and hair growth.

16th Annual Meeting of the Society for Reproductive Investigation, in Paris, France

Paris, France March 2019 – Dr. Bruce K Young presented on “Could Trisomy 21 (T21) Brains be Enhanced?” at the 16th Annual Meeting of the Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI), March 12-16 in Paris, France.

This year the conference theme was “From Innovation to Impact”, highlighting the Society’s dedication to world-class innovation in basic research and translational medicine, as well as to improvements in women’s reproductive health and healthcare.

The study results presented by Dr Young showed the enhancement of neurological differentiation and gene expression specific to neural development by dexamethasone (DX) administration to cultured amniotic fluid stem cells from 1 of 5 trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) fetuses. Previous studies by Dr Young’s team using human amniotic fluid derived stem cells demonstrated a potential for enhanced fetal brain development by administration of DX to amniotic fluid derived stem cells from euploid fetuses. This study found a specific genome which may identify T21 fetuses whose neurological development could be improved with DX therapy. Down Syndrome children who grow to adulthood suffer from early onset of severe Alzheimer’s Disease due to deposition of amyloid protein in the brain. The gene for amyloid was suppressed in the cells responding to DX, possibly offering some Alzheimer’s patients potential benefit from DX therapy.

This study is the first to discover a gene pattern in Down Syndrome that describes a possible method to treat Down Syndrome in utero as well as Alzheimer’s disease.


Helen Ljungdahl Round, Chief Executive Officer
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