Helen Ljungdahl Round

Chief Executive Officer

Helen Ljungdahl Round is a global, results driven, and experienced business leader and executive. She has over 25 years’ experience leading and developing pharmaceutical business in Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East/Africa and Asia.

Her industry experience is truly global, and she has held leadership positions in small, midsize and large subsidiaries, as well as at regional and headquarter level, demonstrating her strong ability to develop strategies and direction, as well as successfully execute operationally. Her pharmaceutical experience covers many therapeutic areas, including diabetes, oncology, women’s health, osteoporosis, cardiovascular, respiratory, dermatology, men’s health, infectious diseases, HIV, vaccines, and biosimilars. She has successfully led numerous launches and has managed products through patent expiry, establishing marketing and commercial excellence capabilities throughout launch, and growth and loss of exclusivity periods. Her performance was recognized by multiple Awards of Excellence by her employer Merck & Co, Inc. Her ability to innovate and develop new clinical management models has been demonstrated across a number of disease areas, in particular osteoporosis and stroke management.

She recently gained experience in the medical device industry, demonstrating her ability to transfer leadership skills, knowledge and global experience to a different industry and again drive significant growth through innovation, leadership, and motivation.

She is a results driven, strong leader who develops high performing diverse teams and through her leadership style drives consistent results across organizations, cultures, industries and markets.

She received her degree in Economics from Uppsala University, Sweden  and her MBA from the American Graduate School of International Management, AZ, USA. 

We are passionate about delivering on the promise of amniotic fluid in shaping the future of regenerative medicine. We will deliver new therapies to patients where there are currently few treatment options, and provide innovative products for hair and skin care. 


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