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We are passionate about delivering on the promise of amniotic fluid as an unique source of treatments shaping the future of health. We will deliver new therapies to patients where there are currently few treatment options, and provide innovative products for hair and skin care. 

Our commitment

We are determined to deliver on our promise of using unique amniotic fluid stem cell therapy to shape the future of regenerative medicine and to provide new therapies for patients with few treatment options. 

AMNICELL was founded by Dr. Bruce Young, whose extensive research in the biology of amniotic fluid  enabled him to recognize the tremendous potential of amniotic fluid in regenerative medicine. The research conducted during the last 10 years proved that amniotic fluid from the mother at normal full term pregnancies contains millions of pluripotent cells, which can be safely collected, frozen and stored for later clinical use.

Our CEO Helen Ljungdahl Round joined the company after >25 years of global experience in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries. Her experience combined with her passion for patient care enabled her to quickly appreciate the value of amniotic fluid stem cells for the benefit of people around the world. The potential to build an innovative and transformative company using amniotic fluid inspired her to join AMNICELL and contribute to the advancement of regenerative medicine.  

Our CIO Caroline Einaugler has a law degree specializing in internet law, and Master of Science in Library and Information Science. Her experience in both medical and law libraries and the position as Associate Professor and Associate Director of the law library at Rutgers Law School provides exceptional qualification for her position at AMNICELL. 

Members of the Board of Directors represent expertise in business, biomedical industry, science, law and medicine. 

Our focus at AMNICELL is to build on the science and develop a successful company. We are initially addressing a significant unmet medical need, chronic non-healing wounds, affecting 6.5 million people in the US annually. We have partnered with a world-renowned center for clinical processing of stem cells, and a globally recognized hospital wound center for the initial trials with our product for wound care. AMNICELL is developing hair and skin care products as cosmeceuticals as well. 

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